VOTE FOR Kalish, Klain, Lee, Mooring, and Robinson
TUESDAY, May 21 2019


We will align with LMSD’s Strategic Plan to provide high-quality education for students with all types of learning needs. The Plan contains elements reflecting the value of excellence in education: transformative curriculum, redefining success, actively engaging students in their educational experience, engaging the community, and proactively addressing the achievement gap.


We fully recognize the importance of delivering a great education while maintaining fiscal prudence. LMSD’s increasing enrollment is the single largest pressure on the budget, and our goal is to keep spending in check. Through detailed program evaluations, we will identify opportunities to both cut costs and improve productivity and service delivery.


LMSD is the fastest growing public school district in the Commonwealth. With an enrollment increase of 21% in the last decade it is essential that LMSD manages enrollment growth while maintaining academic excellence. We support building a third middle school and shifting middle school grades to 5-8 to alleviate overcrowding at all elementary and middle schools.


We believe in the power of strong public schools as a foundation for, and a fundamental right of, our democratic society and reject the notion that a public school education should be a bare minimum experience. Although challenges arise from all levels, we will remain vigilant in maintaining the quality and fidelity of an LMSD education.


We believe that transparency and open lines of communication are critical to LMSD’s ability to deliver high quality education to our students, meet upcoming challenges, and execute on our shared priorities. Our focus will be on broader two-way communication that includes all stakeholders and extends beyond parents of LMSD students to help ensure that residents without children in LMSD schools and other governmental entities can stay informed and are encouraged to participate.